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MobiPrint Printer

MobiPrint Printer

MobiPrint Printer for Tankers

DI-PRINTâ„¢ is a freely programmable thermoprinter, which is connected with the CS3 system via a serial interface (RS232, TTY) or the CS3-Bus connection. Thus, print vouchers can be directly stored in the memory and created by remote control. The existing interfaces enable a flexible print-out of data and messages of different systems (e.g. several meters or systems) via a printer.

The software of the built-in computer permits the number of characters per line, the character height, and the printing format to be selected.

The front panel is equipped with an LED which indicates the operating status and a key for the manual paper feed.

The printer features an automatic printing stop at paper end. Built into a field housing (for use on vehicles) it is installed on a mounting plate provided with shock absorbers. For stationary applications a version for front panel mounting is available.

The following prints can be realised:

  • Printing of protocols/tickets - Remote-controlled printing stations
  • Printing of laboratory data - Central printing stations
  • Printing of W&M-approved vouchers



  • Thermoprinter: Paper width: 112 mm, 832 dots per line
  • Can replace the GEA Diessel printer types BP110, SD110 and JD84
  • BUS-capable printer with integrated freely programmable computer
  • Print vouchers programmable in PASCAL
  • Possible control via different interfaces RS232, TTY, and RS485 CS3-Bus
  • Storage of the program for the print vouchers in the FLASH memory
  • Quick pulse counting input (e.g. odometer tap)
  • Freely programmable line feed key
  • Selection of the different functions via escape control commands
  • Weights & Measures-approved voucher print
  • Also available for front panel mounting