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ZEVODAT-flash Pump Computer

ZEVODAT-flash Pump Computer

ZEVODAT-flash Pump Computer for Tanker

ZEVODAT-flash is mounted in the tanker and is a computer for indication, data storage, control, and transfer of measured values such as mass, volume, temperature etc.
Control functions for the different components of the metering system such as pump, valves or sampler are integrated in this device.

The printing interface allows for the additional option of printing all relevant data significant for the supplier.


  • Graphic display for simultaneous indication of e.g. quantity, temperature, supplier ID and flow rate
  • Graphic display of the temperatures during the cleaning process
  • Control and monitoring of the air eliminator
  • Supplier identification via GPS
  • 3.000 reception & up to 100 tours (expandable on request)
  • Data memory up to 2 GB
  • All outputs are short circuit proof
  • User-friendly with large and coloured buttons
  • Transfer of additional supplier information (e.g. supplier specific messages)
  • Language change in the basic version from German to English
  • Long-term storage for data backup over 3 months



  • Data transfer (cable, GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth®)
  • Printer type EPSON TM88 or type DI-PRINTTM - others on request
  • Sampler for individual samples and tour samples
  • Barcode scanner for sample identification
  • Barcode scanner for supplier identification
  • Built-in modem for data transfer via GSM or GPRS
  • Terminal for remote indication and remote control
  • Additional languages (on request)
  • Possible hardware extensions (Profibus, Bluetooth®) for different applications
  • Customer specific changes to the standard applications/program


The data capture unit, type ZEVODAT-flash Standard, is provided with a standard program with 5 different operating states:

1. Initial state with the menu items 

  • Start of a tour
  • Data transfer
  • Start of the cleaning process
  • Handling of service functions

2. Activation of the tour

  • Data request or input of driver, tour and sampling information
  • Data storage

3. Quantity measurement and recording with the supplier

  • Data query or input of the supplier and sampling details
  • Indication of the relevant measuring data (quantity, supplier, temperature, status etc.)
  • Control of the metering system (pump, sampler)
  • Data logging and printing a voucher

4. Finishing the tour

  • Data query or inputs (e.g. unloading station)
  • Data storage
  • Printing a tour voucher
  • Data transfer

5. CIP function

  •  Data query and data logging for the cleaning process (number of the cleaning bay, temperature)


Data sheet for ZEVODAT-flash Pump Computer >>>