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Automatic Sampler

 Automatic Sampler

Automatic Sampler for Metering- and Pumpsystems

The SMV4 sampler is built into the pump system and is developed to take constant samples during the hole milk load that runs through the pump system.
The sample is representative for the total milk collection.

Special features:

  • Take constant samples of the milk that runs through the pump system
  • The sample is representative for the total amount of milk that has been collected at the farm
  • Can be installed on both vertical and horizontal pipes
  • There is no milk “carry over” between the suppliers as the sample valve is blown clean after each collection

The automatic milk sampler is place in an isolated stainless steel box which is lockable. 

Sample bottles with RFID TAGs or sample bottles with bar codes can be used in the automatic milk sampler. The bar code information is saved together with the data from the milk collection.

The milk sample is taken with a peristaltic sampler. 

This sampler can contain up to 20 sample bottles. 


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