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Pump System & IT System for Tankers

A complete pumping & measuring system for tankers with IT solutions for registration and settlement of milk from POUL TARP A/S.

The pump system is available in several sizes depending on the task. The standard capacity of the pump system is either 200 - 800 liters of milk per minute or from 800 - 1.500 liters of milk per minute.

Our TACO II Computer which is mounted in the pump system, registers where the milk comes from, the quantity, the temperature and takes samples. All data is automatically forwarded to the MTC program at the dairy, which analyzes the milk and settles the farmer for his milk.

High Capacity Pump System

High capacity two pump system with a capacity from 800 - 1500 l/min.

Pump System

Complete pump system with a capacity from 200 - 800 l/min.