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TOC III Cabin Computer

TOC III Cabin Computer

Cabin computer for data communication

The TOC III cabin computer handles the mobile data communication between the vehicle and the GTC TARP Office system through the mobile data network. Routes, orders, registrations and mail/messages are automatically communicated between the vehicle and the GTC TARP Office system: The TOC III Cabin Computer.

The TOC III Cabin Computer is especially designed and developed for use in trucks.

When beginning a new route, the chauffeur and other users log on to the system, which then registers the start time as well as the start position. Routes/orders are automatically updated and the office can continuously send messages with information such as additional collections. Registrations are automatically transferred from the TOC III Cabin Computer to the GTC TARP Office system in the office. 

The TOC III Cabin Computer uses the GPS position to identify customers/users and addresses. The route list and map is shown on a split screen. All of the places on the route are displayed on the map - when visited, the spot of the place changes its colour.

The TOC III Cabin Computer continuously shows information about:

  • RFID Tag registrations
  • Scanned information from APP or PDA
  • Orders
  • Driver ID
  • Route selections
  • Navigation
  • Weighing results
  • CAN bus data
  • Route lists
  • System data
  • Registration of time, distance in kilometers and GPS
  • Addresses
  • End order
  • End route

It is possible to connect external equipment to the TOC Cabin Computer