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Mink Weight

Mink Weight

High speed mink weight

The mink weight consists of a weighing tube and a rail mounted weighing cell. The weighing cell is placed on top of the cage, whereas the weighing tube is suspended from two stainless steel wires inside the cage.

The mink weight is either delivered in modules of 8 or 16 weighing units. All weighing tubes are connected to a weighing indicator. 

The weighing indicator shows and registers the weight of each individual weighing tube on a display. As soon as the mink enters the weighing tube, its weight is registered every second. 

The Mink weight has an accuracy of 5 grams.

All data from the individual mink weighing tubes are transferred in real time from the weighing indicator to the WEB Platform using wi-fi or mobile data. The WEB platform can be accessed from any PC, Tablet or Smart phone with internet capacity

On the website it is possible for the mink farmer and the feed central to monitor the growth of each mink as well as the growth of all of the mink per day. The weighing results after feeding in the morning, (at noon) and in the evening can be monitored on the website. If the mink loses weight, the system automatically sends out an alert indicated with red numbers. This warning can help the mink farmers to discover possible diseases amongst the mink at the earliest possible time.