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Metering Systems for Beer

Metering Systems for Beer

Sale of beer from tanker to restaurants: IT solutions and metering systems

POUL TARP A/S solutions for beer tankers are based on customer lists compiled by the brewery on the basis of received orders on beer. The lists include information on the restaurant addresses, requested type of beer and the amount of ordered beer. 

Data to and from the delivering tanker is controlled by the web based IT-system “Beer on the Road”.  

The customer list sets the foundation for the route calculation, which uses the following parameters: route distance - at the lowest price.

The tanker is loaded with the ordered types of beer. The IT system provides information for the breweries about the loaded amount of beer in each tanker.

The Cabin Computer registers: 

  • The type of beer
  • The delivered amount of beer
  • The temperature of the beer
  • The number of the tanker
  • The number of the bag

All registered data is written on the receipt for the restaurant and transferred to the IT system. 


The metering system: 

The metering system in the tanker ensures that the beer delivered for the restaurants is without air and controls that the right amount and the right type of beer is delivered. The temperature in the tanker is continuously measured and the CO2 pressure is measured and controlled in each room of the tanker.

When the tanker returns to the brewery the remaining beer in the containers is emptied. The remaining amount is measured and registered as ‘returned beer’, which is then discarded. 

It's possible to connect the metering system to the cleaning system (CIP system). The amount of water and the water temperature which is used to clean the system is measured and registered.