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Water Kiosk

Water Kiosk

Kiosk Payment System for Water

A secure system for registering and settling tanker vehicle collection of drinking water from the public water supply network.

The water kiosk from POUL TARP A/S is a secure tapping station for public water distributors that allows pre-registered companies to collect large amounts of clean drinking water directly from the public water supply network.

Before access is granted, companies must register and apply for approvement

The water delivery is based on an electronic key system, which is used to identify the user and thereby prevent unauthorized access to the public water supply.

During water collection, the water kiosk monitors and secures the public water supply network from any contamination caused by reversed flow e.g.

The web-based IT system makes it possible for the administration to see any amount collected at any given date by any given company. The data can be used for settlement and various reports.

Both hardware and software of the Water Kiosk are designed and produced by POUL TARP A/S in Denmark.


The water kiosk allows for:

  • Always access to clean drinking water - 24 hours a day
  • A secure access to the public water supply network
  • Registration of all user’s collection and purchases
  • Monitoring of the water kiosk station & operation via SMS / email
  • Web-based IT administration system that provides an overview of customers and water collection