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The CBizz system

The CBizz system

Cbizz - A waste logistics system for shopping centers, airports, residential areas etc.

POUL TARP A/S offers an entirely web-based solution for user registration and payment of waste from shopping centers, residential areas etc.

All users create an account in the Cbizz system through a link to the Cbizz platform. Once an account is created, the customer is automatically shipped a chip card for the waste point.

The wireless chip card connects to the waste point and registers the user in the system to get access to the waste solution, which comes both with or without weighing. 

The Cbizz system includes: creation of user accounts, monitoring operations, waste collection reports, invoicing and payment collection, service history of the container, general administrative search functions, automatic collector communication between the waste point and the connected collector regarding the collection of fully loaded containers as well as registration of collected containers. 

All users/stores are provided with a personal "waste site", where their waste history is available and can be shared between the chain stores to achieve “best practice”. 

All registrations are wireless and the data is stored and processed on our own servers to secure the best possible data security.