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Gbizz - Registration & Access control systems for waste at recycling sites.

POUL TARP A/S offers an entirely web-based solution for registration and payment of commercial waste from recycling centers.

The Gbizz solution can handle the delivering of waste across county borders. The Gbizz System includes: creation of user accounts, monitoring operations, access control, delivering reports, invoicing and payment collection, weighing of hazardous waste and general administrative tasks.

The registration is wireless and is registered with either a chip card or with a license plate when entering the recycling center. 

By using a smartphone app, the staff is always updated on the number of commercial vehicles in the recycling center.  Through the app, the staff can also check user accounts, additional registrations and products sales etc. 

It's possible to connect the Gbizz solution to gates and barrier gates, so the area is accessible outside of opening hours. 

All corporations are provided with a personal ‘waste site’, where their waste-, visit-, and payment history is available.

All registrations are wireless and the data is stored and processed on our own servers to secure the best possible data security.