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Milk APP Driver

Milk APP Driver

Milk-APP for Transport manager & on-duty transport personnel

The Milk-APP gives the transport manager and on-duty transport personnel in general an on-line tool and opportunity to see and monitor the location of the individual trucks, what has been unloaded at which dairy and when.
The Milk-APP also provides the possibility to check collected volumes, temperature and quality from individual suppliers.
You can also see when the latest CIP was carried out and in case of break-downs or repairs you can easily swap trailers and trucks and send in the changes to the main office MTC system.

Milk-APP for trailer un-load & re-load

The Milk-APP can be used to register volume and un-loading site if a trailer arrives at the dairy with a truck with no pump/metering system installed.
Using the App you can look-up the trailer in the MTC office programme and see the volume and the driver will be routed to the correct dairy by GPS.
The driver then selects which compartment must be un-loaded – partly or full. Then the driver selects Un-load in the App and the milk is registered as un-loaded at the selected dairy in the MTC office system. Traceability is kept intact and the dairy can complete settlement to the farmer.
It is possible to use the App to register when you hook and un-hook a trailer and also for registering CIP. All registrations are send online to the MTC office programme.

Milk-APP for intermediate transport

When doing intermediate milk transport, collection and delivery to various dairies and costumers the driver can use the Milk-APP to register which product and volume are being loaded into the different truck compartments and/or trailer and where it is un-loaded. The dairies and customers are identified by GPS.
Any rules for mixing milk quality are setup and handled by the MTC office program and will be shown in the Milk-APP.
Load & unload traceability is available in the MTC office system.
CIP registration of truck and trailer is possible in the Milk-APP.

Computer Solutions

Track the milk all the way from collection on the farm to delivery at the dairy with an IT solution from POUL TARP A S

Our TOC Computer which is mounted in the cabins of our milk tankers, informs the drivers, which route to drive and the location of the milk collection points.

While the milk is pumped into the milk tankers, the S12 Computer takes 1-2 samples for testing in the laboratory and it registers data such as the collection point, the quantity and the temperature.

Data collected from the TOC Computer and the S12 computer is automatically sent to the MTC system, which is administered at the dairy. The route for milk collection, which is available on the TOC Computer is in fact planned by the dairy through the MTC system. The MTC system will also handle the settlement to the farmers, enclosing data on the milk quality results. The Milk APP makes it possible for, the driver, the farmer and the dairy to track the milk tanker and the milk quantity from the moment it is pumped to it is delivered.

S12 Pump Computer

S12 Pump Computer

S12 Computer from POUL TARP A/S gives the dairy traceability in the milk collection, traceability in the milk quality and an accurate measument of the collected milk.

TOC Cabin Computer

TOC Cabin Computer

TOC Cabin computer from POUL TARP A/S supplies the driver with a list of todays route and navigate to the next pick up place/farmer. The dairy can send and receive data from the TOC cabin computer, make route changes ect.