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LS Load Sampler

LS Load Sampler

The LS Load Sampler from POUL TARP A/S is developed to take milk samples down to 0,1 ml.

The speed of the load sampler follows the speed of the milk pump. The milk volume in the sample bottle is proportional to the total amount of milk that has been collected. 

The load sampler has a built in digital motor that gives an 0.1 ml. sample each time the motor is activated 

The samples are stored in a one liter plastic bottle that must be kept refrigerated. Alternatively you can store the collected samples in a stainless steel thermos.

When the collection route has been completed, you will have a representative mixed sample of all the collected milk enabling the laboratory to do a quick analysis to determine if the overall quality of the load is acceptable.

If the load sample shows anything out of the ordinary, you then proceed to examine the individual farm samples otherwise you quickly move on to process the milk.