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Piston KS-P Sampler

Piston KS Sampler

Piston KS-P Sampler for Metering- and Pump Systems

With Piston KS-P sampler is mounted directly in the pipeline which makes it possible to take samples continuously and aliquot from the pipeline as the milk flows through.


Special features:

  • The sample runs into the sampler vessel due to gravity
  • The sampler is pneumatically operated by means of a 5/2 - ways solenoid valve
  • The solenoid valve can be volume controlled by a volume meter with impulse transmitter or time-controlled by a timer
  • The sample ratio rate can be determined according to a desired variation of the impulse sequences per volume unit
  • The sampler is also available in a special design with cleaning socket which makes it possible clean in place


Contact us and get more info about our samplers:

E-mail:  or  tel.: +45 8642 5600

Computer Solutions for Milk Collection

TACO II Computer

TACO II Pump Computer for metering system collects and shares data such as location, volume, temperature and milk samples.

ZEVODAT-flash Pump Computer

ZEVODAT-flash Pump Computer is mounted in the tanker and controls the collected data and transfer of measured values such as mass, volume and temperature.

S12 Computer

S12 Computer for pump systems, which collects data during the milk collection such as location, volume, temperature and milk sampling.

TOC V Cabin Computer

TOC V cabin computer informs the driver about the route and collection points.

MTC IT System

MTC IT solution for the administration, which handles all data and communication from the tankers and bills the supplier.

Milk APP

Milk APP for the driver which makes small work tasks easy and quickly done.

MobiPrint Printer

Mobile printer for tankers so the supplier can get a receipt for the collected milk.