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TOC V Cabin Computer

TOC V Cabin Computer

TOC Cabin Computer for Milk Collection

TOC V is a robust cabin computer specifically designed for mounting in trucks, milk tankers, garbage trucks and other harsh environments. TOC V is resistant to temperature fluctuations, vibrations, moisture and voltage variations.

The TOC V uses GPS to identify customers and collection points. TOC V has a split screen with list of routes and maps. The places to visit are marked on the map, when a place has been visited the mark will change color. TOC V comes with integrated navigation system.

Various devices can be connected to TOC cabin computer:

  • Driver ID
  • Route selection
  • Navigation
  • Connected to the pump cabin of the S12 computer
  • Displays records of the pumped milk
  • Messages to / from the driver / office
  • Manual data entry
  • Time registration
  • Distance recording
  • CAN BUS data
  • Reversing camera monitor   


TOC V is often used in connection with the MTC data system where the collected data is visible to the office staff.