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TARP Office - GTC

TARP Office - GTC

The TARP Office-GTC from POUL TARP A/S is designed specifically for office- and administration systems developed for organizing, collecting and analysing data in the transportation industry, including transportation of waste.

The TARP Office-GTC System is a WEB interface based IT-system, which provides the users with unlimited online access. Multiple users can log on to the system at the same time.

By using interface, the TARP Office-GTC System can communicate with all external economic systems and master data systems. It thereby handles import and export of data such as direct invoicing. 

The TARP Office-GTC System handles information and transactions such as:

  • Accounts
  • Work location
  • Orders
  • Order-control
  • Waste bins and waste containers
  • Route planning
  • Route control
  • Mobile data /GPRS communication
  • E-mail system for the vehicle 
  • Registrations for the vehicle