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The WEB-LOG System from POUL TARP A/S makes it possible to register the activity of vehicles using a GPS and GPRS data.The data shows, the time of usage, the route of the vehicle and the functions in use while the vehicle is operating etc. 

The data is available on the WEB-LOG website, which makes it possible to look up a vehicle at any time. 

It is possible to look up information such as:

  • The position of the vehicles 
  • The usage of the vehicle-equipment (weigings, volume measurements, RFID reports, motoractivoty, electricity consumption etc.)
  • Time of arrival and departure of a vehicle on a given address
  • Milage of the vehicles
  • The closest vehicle to a given task
  • Time spent
  • Waiting time

The hardware module in the vehicle sends the collected data to the WEB-LOG website along with the GPS position and the time.

The software is WEB-based and installed on an internet website so it is accessible on any PC, smartphone or tablet with internet. In that way, the data is accessible at any time and the software is always updated with the newest available program. 

The WEB-LOG is an inexpensive system for data registration of vehicles and for data transfers/uploads to the software. The key point is to have a system with low installation costs and a big flexibility regarding both hardware and software.