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RFID TAG Registration using an RFID-Logger

The RFID-Logger from POUL TARP A/S is used for making an RFID registration of a specific waste container without bringing it to the truck. 

Using the RFID-Logger it is possible to document that a waste container has been checked without having to place on the waste truck.

This makes the RFID-Logger a very timesaving device and ideal to use in f. ex. recreational areas with little or no activity during the winter season where you need to document that you have checked each individual container. This way you avoid bringing an empty waste container to and from the waste truck. 

The RFID-Logger is also used for registering the collection of waste from stationary waste stations where the container cannot be brought to the waste truck. 

In addition, the RFID-Logger can be used in emergency situations as a temporary back-up registration system, if a replacement waste truck is not equipped with a RFID registration system.

The RFID-Logger can be used with the smartphone GTC App to pair RFID Tags with container labels when replacing and maintaining waste containers etc. 

The RFID-Logger transfers data to the office system, TARP Office GTC, through the GTC smartphone app. 

All the registered TAG-data is transferred to the office system, TARP Office GTC, wherefrom  data can be forwarded to any external data system through an interface solution.