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Lift Scale

Lift Scale

Weighing systems for lift scale

The weighing system is especially designed to be integrated in existing lifting systems on garbage trucks in order to register the weight of each individual bin/container.

The weighing systems are available in a variety of different models allowing the systems to be integrated in both rear-, side,- and front loaders of all brands/manufactures.

The weighing of the bin/container is done by weighing it twice - before and after it is emptied into the garbage truck. The net. weight is the difference between the first and the second weighing.

The weighing unit is sturdy and suitable to be mounted on the outer parts of the truck. It is easy to operate and has menus especially designed for lift weighing systems.

The system is compatible to interact with RFID tag-reading systems and data transfer to the route planning system.

The weighing system is versatile and can be integrated in all lifters.


  • Weighing capacity: Max. 2000 kg
  • Accuracy: 0.2 kg on each weighing
  • Approved in adherence to EN45501 and can be used for account settlement
  • Water resistant (MWI): IP 65 weighing instrument, which is easy to operate
  • Digital weighing amplifier with easy to use settings and service
  • Fully welded weighing cells made from stainless steel
  • Connection possibilities: Printer and TOC cabin computer for data registration and data transfer to the office