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GTC App for check and registration doing waste collection

One of the most important things for being able to do your job in the best possible way, is having access to the right tools when doing so.

POUL TARP A/S has developed a smartphone / tablet App which makes it very easy for the user to check, register and document any relevant route and collection information doing waste collection

The GTC App communicates directly with the web-based TARP Office - GTC system from POUL TARP A/S.

All data can be shared through an interface with any external IT systems - both public and private ones.

The GTC-APP makes it possible for the user to:

  • Register any damage, defects and vandalism on containers
  • Report and document problems and issues regarding missing waste collections
  • Photo documentation
  • Pair RFID tags and bin labels
  • Make address and customer registrations and route checks
  • Order container pick-up at recycling sites.
  • Manual collection registration
  • Check and show the nearest containers on the route
  • 2-way communication with the office
  • Check of master data