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Level Sensor App

Level Sensor App

Level Sensor App from POUL TARP A/S for level measurement and registration of waste and liquids

Registration App for level measurement of waste and liquids.

The Level Sensor App communicates with the web-based TARP Level Sensor IT platform, which monitors and handles level, Alarm and position messages from all active level measuring devices.

The Level Sensor system operates on its own web-based IT platform, but can also be implemented free of charge in the IT system TARP Office - GTC, which is used by a number of municipalities and transport companies


The Level Sensor App enables operating personnel to:

  • Automatically receive the daily optimized collection route from the IT system
  • Alarms from the installed sensors (Level & Temperature)
  • View the status of all containers & bins in the area, including those that are not on the daily route
  • Record manual collection and inspections outside the daily route
  • Make remarks and photo documentation for the individual unit - eg "over filled" or "Vandalism"
  • The Level sensor App is also used to activate and register newly installed Level sensors


The Tarp Level Sensor system is designed, developed and produced in Denmark by POUL TARP A/S.