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IT Solutions for Milk Collection

Track the milk all the way from collection at the farm to delivery at the dairy with an IT solution from POUL TARP A/S

Our TOC Computer which is mounted in the cabin of our milk tankers, informs the drivers, which route to take and also the location of the milk collection points.

While the milk is being pumped into the milk tanker, the S12 Computer takes 1-2 samples for testing in the laboratory. The S12 Computer registers data such as the collection point, the quantity and the temperature.

Data collected from the TOC Computer and the S12 computer is automatically sent to the MTC system, which is administered by the dairy. The route for milk collection, which is available on the TOC Computer is in fact planned by the dairy using the MTC system. The MTC system will also handle the settlement to the farmers and data on the milk quality results. The Milk APP makes it possible for, the driver, the farmer and the dairy to track the milk tanker and the milk quantity from the moment the milk is collected and until it is delivered.


S12 Computer

S12 Computer from POUL TARP A/S gives the dairy traceability in the milk collection, traceability in the milk quality and an accurate measument of the collected milk.

TOC Cabin Compter

TOC Cabin computer from POUL TARP A/S supplies the driver with an on-screen a list of today’s route and helps the driver navigate to the next pick up place/farmer. The dairy can send and receive data from the TOC cabin computer, make route changes etc.

TACO II Computer

TACO II Pump Computer from POUL TARP A/S for Milk Tankers.

MTC IT System

MTC IT office solution for administration from POUL TARP A/S.

Milk APP

Get a quick overview of the tanker, milk and supplier with Milk APP from POUL TARP A/S