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High Capacity Pump System

High Capacity Pumping System

The high capacity pump system from POUL TARP A/S has a complete two-pump unit system for milk collection at the farmer/supplier.

The high capacity pump system consists of:

  • A S12 computer with two printers, which are connected online to the dairy’s MCT IT-system. 
  • Flow meter, air separator, liquid detector, proportional controlled pumps and test sampler
  • The pump unit has a pumping capacity of  800 l/min. to 1500 l/min. 
  • The S12 computer regulates the pump speed in a way that the milk does not get damaged, which ensures that the milk keeps it’s qualities.
  • Data is transferred via GPRS to the dairy’s MTC IT-system

It is possible to mount a TOC cabin computer in the cabin of the truck which makes it possible to receive routes from the dairy and information from the farm ect.